Gold SEO Package Plan

is an excellent 3rd entry level plan, particularly suited for mid low competition keywords, and offers exceptional value for a fully outsourced process. This package program is suitable for small business startups with a brand new website that want to take your online marketing more seriously, this program allows you to target up to 20 keywords that fit your industry and location.

What We Do
Following our initial keyword analysis, we select the top 20 mid low-competition keywords based on your criteria and, utilizing the strategies outlined below.

What You Can Do
One of the strategies deployed in all of our SEO packages is submission and linking. Gold SEO Plan involves the submission of Press Release. This is a 3 month of project duration.

Gold SEO Package (20 Max Keywords)

We will do keyword research, keyword mapping and optimized one pages
(b)Rich Snippets
We will do authorship makup, google map listing, review rich snippet and office hours snippet.
(c)Business Listings
We will do google+ local listing , yelp listing, yahoo ! local and white pages
(d)Content Optimization
We will do home page, 6 website inner pages, 44 pages of off site content,6 post of website blogs, link reinforcement, one press release, one magazine feature and 58 pages of total content
(e)Link Strategy
We will do 264 pages of content publications,410 social bookmarks,link reinforcent, 120 post of offsite blog outreach , 10 press releases,6 magazine features and 810 link built.
We will do ranking report,google analytics and executive summery reports
$1278 Monthly
Click For Package Definations
SEO Plan is an ongoing monthly service, and requires a minimum three month commitment. Significant cost savings are realized when you choose a 12 month program.

To customize these SEO Plans, please feel free to get in touch with us. Contact Us today to receive a Free SEO Proposal for your website.

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