Package Definitions.


Keyword Research

Keyword research provided on a document, typically pre-campaign launch.

Keyword Mapping

Keyword mapping is the practice of taking the agreed-upon keywords and assigning them to pages on
the website. The appropriate page may exist on the site already. If it doesn’t, we’ll suggest to create a new page

Blog Creation

Get a platform where you can share industry information, address visitors’ questions, and attract more traffic.
Our team creates a branded blog under your domain that makes publishing fresh content and reaching your market easier.

Video Creation/Release

Google loves to see rich media on websites. We will use website slogans and messages to create a short
video that highlights the site’s main message. This video will be optimized and uploaded into YouTube with links to the website.

On Page Optimization

This includes many different factors on the website itself. Our package includes optimization on over 20
site areas. Implementing these changes is critical to getting high rankings. These changes will include involvement from the client

Authorship Mark Up

Have you ever seen someone’s picture appearing in the search results? That’s what this is, and it helps
a website get better exposure in Google. We’ll set up a Google+ account, and make sure Google sees you in search

Google Maps Listing

Your business’ physical location must be known in the most widely used map in the world. Google puts
a strong emphasis on returning local search results, which is why searches for services or products sometimes show the location of a business in Google Maps.
When we set up your Google+ account, we also list your business on Google Maps.

Office Hours Snippets

Adding this code to a website will give Google the option to show the business’ office hours in search.
This means more relevant information for potential visitors. We’ll show you what the code is and where to place it

Google+ Local Listing

Yelp Listing

Yahoo! Local

White Pages

Yellow Pages

Four Square




Off-site Content

Our team creates content pieces for submission to major media outlets,
relevant blog sites, and top
information resources on the Internet. We use these as a base for link building and link juicing.
These could be blogs, articles, press releases, or simple social media updates
- all are original and well-researched by our writers.

Link Reinforcement

Placing published content in media outlets around the web is great, but these pieces need viral growth of
their own. Link reinforcement means sending social signals to each content piece. As a result, it is more credible and Google’s algorithm places more value in the content piece

Website Copy Writing

Original, well-researched and well-written copy increases click-through rates and converts site visitors into clients. Our team specializes in providing original and compelling copy for various niche industries.

Home Page

We create original homepage designs and develop original content that make a lasting impression on clients and search engines alike. Our development and content teams work with you to achieve proper brand representation

Website Blog Posts

Build brand authority, increase site traffic and gather more leads by creating and updating a blog under the same domain. We create original, up-to-date website blog posts that highlight your services and share relevant information to visitors

Content Publication

Our team partners with the top web publication sites and distributes your content for publishing. We carefully select sites that give you maximum visibility and draw in relevant traffic.

Press Release

Our team creates and publishes this type of content on high authority media websites to secure strong online signals for Google. This makes the client’s site a relevant and current authority on the services or products. Press releases also build great brand presence online for users to find as they search

Magazine Feature

Be featured on the top magazines and respected information resources on the Internet. Our team creates original magazine features and submits them to relevant and respected industry sources online. Being published builds a natural buzz around your brand and increases your authority as an information source.

Social Links

these target signals that Google sees as valuable in real time. Mentions from quality social websites indicate to Google that the website is current and relevant to the general public. This helps give an organic link building portfolio and over time, secures the client’s website in the top of the search results page.

Directory Listing

We’ve partnered with the top online directories to give your business maximum visibility. We create and optimize listings to accurately represent your brand. Valued at $500.

Social Bookmarks

We create and promote social bookmarks for each piece of content. This creates a viral buzz around your clients’ brands, promotes conversation and linking among users, and pushes brand awareness and rankings alike. We partner with top social bookmarking services like Reddit and Digg.

Off-site Blog Outreach

Google interprets viral sharing as brand growth online. Our team tactically places your client’s product/service information in relevant blogs and directs links to your client’s site. Google crawls these inbound links which are valuable for first page rankings.

Ranking Report

Our ranking reports are available any time live in the reseller dashboard. The end client can also see these in the client dashboard with their log in. We track rankings live and display them to clients. We also send a monthly PDF ranking report that covers how the rankings performed for that month

Google Analytics

We install and integrate Google Analytics into our reporting dashboard. Clients can see traffic statistics through their client dashboard log in and can check how rankings and traffic relate to each other. We will need to be added to the Google Analytics approved access upon project launch.

Social Media

Attract and retain more leads by generating social media hype. Our team will manage your profiles and create a personalized social media strategy to draw in your market.

Link Building Report

Executive Summary

This report is delivered on a monthly basis to the agency only via the dashboard. Our link building report shows where we placed a piece of content online and if that placement was approved.


Make the most out of your PPC campaign with our help. We help you select keywords, allocate funding, and create compelling copy for maximum conversions. Get our PPC rates on top of our packages for a competitive fee.

Facebook Page Creation

Get a personalized Facebook page for your business. We optimize everything from your information to your profile pictures and cover photos, ensuring consistent brand imaging.

Google+ Account Creation

We set up your Google+ account so you have more control over your SERPs listings appearance. We help you set up and verify your very own Google+ profile.

Twitter Account Creation

Get your own verified Twitter account through our services. We optimize your Twitter handle, profile background and profile picture to represent your brand.
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